Hydraulic Capacitive Pressure Sensor MD-800D

Hydraulic Capacitive Pressure Sensor MD-800D

We  supply  Hydraulic Capacitive Pressure Sensor .


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Product Description

   MD-800D automotive pressure transmitter based on pressure sensor of automobile, adopts low power consumption and waterproof to keep it long life service and good stability. The advantages: small size, easy installation, low power consumption design, 304 stainless steel shell and laser welding.
      MD-800D is particularly suitable for low power field, such as the battery pressure measurement, automobile, peripheral equipment, hydraulic system and pneumatic system.


   • Fire-fighting equipment  

   • Water treatment equipment

   • Fluid control

   • Environmental detection


   • Low power consumption design, full power 


consumption ≤ 1.5mW

   • Stainless steel shell, compact structure, strong shock resistance

   • Laser welding structure, good waterproof

   • Precision temperature compensation, long term stability